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This blog is where I post Tattoospiration. I will begin apprenticing this summer, so wish me luck. I will (hopefully) be keeping this page up to date with tattoos that I either find interesting, of amazing quality, full of creativity, realism, or tattoos that I simply would like to refer back to for reference. I am a huge animal fan, especially throughout my personal art practice, so expect many animal tattoos.

Have a tattoo you'd love to share with the tattoo-lovin' public? Feel free to submit it (submit button is located at the very bottom of this blog). Please (if you can) include the tattoo artist's name and where you were inked at. A short description is welcomed but not required. I will post submissions regularly if there's enough content, so keep 'em coming :)

Cecil Porter

Cecil Porter

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    that is possibly the nicest rose tattoo ive ever saw, i love the fact its not generic and looks so realistic.
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